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Al Othman Office Tower consists of 20 floors that have well-designed offices and work stations aimed to provide employees with a comfortable work place.

Al Othman Office Tower will be neighbored with Kempinski Al Othman Hotel which has a total of 218 rooms with different classic designs to make your stay more pleasurable. Also, at the back of the tower, the Ottoman Signature Hotel is available with 69 rooms and 2 exhibition halls.

With 45 seats available at the lobby equipped with LED screens, clients can productively and conveniently use the space for quick networking and meeting opportunities, rent a car from our car rental office and book travel tickets from our travel agency all in the same location. Clients will also be able to use the ATM machine which will be provided in the lobby. In addition to the lobby area, there will be a visitorís waiting area within every floor to ensure the comfort of our guests.

There will be a visitorís waiting area within every floor for the guest comfort.

Al-Othman Office Tower has 6 meeting rooms equipped with high end technology. They fit a large number of attendees and include coffee and lunch break services to ensure a complete experience for your corporate meetings. Also available at the tower is a large theatre aimed to satisfy your entertainment needs and ensure a more pleasurable stay at the Tower.

There are 2 restaurants at Al-Othman Office Tower, and 9 F&B outlets in Kempinski Al Othman Hotel.

A Male dining area and prayer room for employees is available at the tower.

A Female lounge is available in the tower which includes toilets, a dining area and praying area.

The Tower has a dedicated housekeeping team for cleaning the offices premises and the vicinity of the Tower.

Shaded parking is provided and carefully monitored by state of the art CCTV solution professional system along with a trained security officers.

12 m2 length that will give the occupants a conductive place to store their products in addition of 170 m2 in the basement because a sufficient place is our top priority .

The tower has a T3 data center, top caliber and certified personnel with full security data that provides a high speed connection capable of transmitting data in the fastest way and a generator backup at the basement so our occupants will save power in their office areas because of cooling system that is provided by the art chiller system.

BMS system is provided by the company to ensure excellent services managed by professional managing company.

The tower has 8 elevators exclusively for the employees and a private one with a private entry for your commodities and products for an easy and prompt access.

With these top of the line offerings, Al Othman Office Tower should be your first choice!


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Tel: +966 13 8533777, +966 13 8533778
Fax: +966 13 8533779

Email: Info@alothmantowers.com

P.O. Box 402, Al-Khobar 31952, King Saud Road, Al-Qashlah

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Al Othman Group is proud to present Al Othman Office Tower with its added state of the art equipment and other functionalities that will give a full length explicit satisfaction to our clienteles.

The office tower is a multi-purpose tower aimed to cater to the needs of everyone and ensure a positive and productive business experience!